Business Solutions for Wellness Practitioners and Professionals

If you are a wellness practitioner or professional:

  • Do you struggle to keep your appointment calendar filled?
  • Are you frustrated by last-minute cancellations?
  • Have you experienced patients disappearing after their first appointment?
  • Are you failing to stand out online?
  • Do you have a strong impact on your patient’s health, but struggle to attract your ideal patients?
  • Do you need help building a powerful website, stylish social media pages, and an online strategy to help your business soar?

This is not how you pictured entrepreneurship to be! With your outstanding clinical talents and passion for helping patients, you expected a full schedule.  Unfortunately, most practitioners discover a thriving practice requires a solid strategy.

We are here to help you brand your business, build a social media strategy and communicate the unique and compelling story that brings your practice to life.

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We provide affordable, customized services for do it yourself, or done for you marketing, branding and business development.

Ashley Nanney

Meet Ashley


“It’s not about working harder. It’s about running your practice intentionally, so you can focus on healing your patients.”

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness, anti-inflammatory food, and functional medical industry. Skilled in Business Coaching, Consulting, Business Development, Marketing, & Event Management. Strong entrepreneurship professional, author, and professional public speaker.

“As a wellness business owner, I was frustrated working with marketing companies that did not understand our target market and offered services that were WAY overpriced and lacked results. It is my mission to transform wellness nationwide. I do this by helping patients find you so that you can stick to what you do best, heal our communities.”